Voting and Election Resources

If you want to make a change you have to VOTE. That means voting at the city/county/state level to make changes that affect ALL Americans. Here are some helpful resources regarding:

Register to Vote

If you are not yet registered to vote, you are eligible to register if:

To register, find a volunteer deputy voter registrar (ask us!) or obtain an application online. (you must complete, sign, and send back the application to become registered).

Registered Voters

For Harris County residents:

For Harris County and residents of other counties:

Election Information

Find out about election dates (including early voting) and polling locations here: HARRIS COUNTY POLL FINDER MAP

If you’ve never voted before or it’s been a while since you last voted, you can watch a short 4-minute video on how to vote here -> (How to Vote on the eSlate Voting Machine).

Here’s more information about the voting equipment you’ll be using to vote. Click HERE, then select “eSlate video”.

Election Day Tips

Ballot By Mail Information

You are eligible to vote by mail if you are:

If you are eligible and want to obtain a ballot by mail, you must apply annually (if 65+ or disabled) or for EACH election (if out of town for school, business, vacation, etc.) To receive an APPLICATION to vote by mail in Harris County, download the application Here  and then complete, sign, and return the application before the deadline.

If you are a military voter, click here for everything you need to know.

Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars

To become a voter registrar, take a 1-hour mandatory Harris County training class.

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